Apex Holdings Limited

Apex Holdings Limited (AHL) was formed out of necessity as a management company for the management of a wide range of export oriented manufacturing enterprises. The company was formed and registered in Bangladesh in 1998. The sponsors of AHL were running a number of different manufacturing enterprises, ranging from Frozen Foods, Textiles & Apparels, and Specialty Chemicals & Laboratory Testing Services. The sponsors of AHL had setup its first export oriented manufacturing enterprise in 1980 and have ever since grown into a sizable group consisting of five manufacturing enterprises in three broad divisions of Industry. As the number of Companies under the Management increased, the need for a management company to facilitate coordination and to maintain control over the individual company became necessary. Apex Holdings Limited (AHL) was formed as a Management Company for all the companies under the control of AHL sponsors, i.e., the Directors of Apex Holdings Limited have controlling share holdings of all the individual companies.